All prospective Officers, Midshipmen, Instructors, and Auxiliarists must be a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States. If an applicant is a foreign national with permanent residency status, they must present their Permanent Resident Card (“Green Card”) at the time of enrollment.


Prospective Adult applicants must be at least 21 years of age and normally no older than age 75. The Executive Director may waive the age limitation for those over 75 years of age. Midshipman applicants must be high school graduates or GED equivalent and at least 18 but not yet 21 years old.

Moral Character.

The adult applicant must possess high moral standards, adhere to ethical standards of behavior, be citizens of good standing in the community, and have NO felony convictions. Criminal charges or convictions after enrollment will normally be cause for discharge from the Naval Sea Cadet Corps and/or revocation of officer appointment in accordance with NSCC Regulations, Section 0703.

Background Checks.

A background check will be conducted on ALL applicants prior to being enrolled. Adults may be contacted and given the opportunity to rebut issues that are discovered, but serious violations are grounds for dismissal or termination of enrollment in the NSCC. Adult enrollments must be processed in a timely manner to ensure sufficient time to process this check. Failure to properly disclose prior criminal charges and convictions on the Adult Leader Application will be cause for inquiry by the National Headquarters, and may be cause for non-enrollment. Failure to agree to a background check is grounds for non-enrollment. Failure to respond to a background inquiry is grounds for non-enrollment (or dismissal if the information is obtained subsequent to an enrollment).

Physical Standards.

While not required to meet the physical standards of the Navy/Coast Guard officer programs, all adults must be physically qualified for the duties they will perform in the NSCC. Height and Weight standards, as per NSCC Regulations, Section 0703, must be met to wear the Sea Cadet Uniform. Those adults who do not meet the height/weight standards will wear the Sea Cadet Alternate Uniform. See NSCC Medical Reference Policies and Procedures Manual for guidelines.

Educational/Professional Qualifications.

Applicants have no specific educational or professional requirements other than being able to support and contribute to achieving the goals of the NSCC program. Applicants with Navy and Coast Guard experience, members of other military services, and anyone with a sincere interest in maritime services and the development of American youth are encouraged to participate.